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AGEN1884, an IgG1 anti-CTLA-4 Antibody, Combines Effectively with PD-1 Blockade in Primary Human T Cell Assays and in a Non-human Primate Pharmacodynamic (PD) Model. Drouin, et al.

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AGEN1884 and AGEN2041: Two Functionally Distinct anti-CTLA-4 Antagonist Antibodies. Drouin, et al.

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Humanized anti-NaPi2b Monoclonal Antibody-Cell Line Generation.

Yeda FP, Santos, ML, Tsuruta LR, Horta, BB, Pimenta Jr. AA, Ritter, G, Moro, AM.

Generation of a Stable Cell Line for Rebmab200 MAb.

Santos ML, Yeda, FP, Tsuruta LR, Horta, BB, Pimenta Jr. AA, Ritter, G, MORO, AM. p. 67.

Lewis B (LeB) antigen expression is lower in breast carcinoma and is associated with hormone receptor status and histological type.

Simões K, Soares IC, Wakamatsu A, Okamoto OK, Alves VAF. Clinics 2010,65 (supl 6): S54 – 46.

Stability analysis of humanized Rebmab100 monoclonal antibody.

Santos ML, Pimenta Jr. AA, Pavanelli AC, Schmidt MCB, Old LJ, Smaletz O, Moro AM. Abstract book, p. 163.

Flow Cytometry Characterization of Rebmab200.

Santos ML, Pavanelli AC, Degaki TL, Inocêncio AL, Tsuruta LR, Travassos LRR, Old LJ, Ritter G, Moro AM. Abstract book, p. 129.

Generation of Humanized Rebmab200.

Degaki TL, Pimenta Jr. AA, Tsuruta LR, Targino RC, Old LJ, Ritter G, Okamoto OK, Moro AM. Abstract book, p.133.