Production and engineering of human monoclonal antibodies and peptiddes to increase immunity to tumor antigens.

Competitive Advantages

Why Brazil?

Appearance of ReceptaBio is a consequence of the finding of an expressive set of competitive advantages that Brazil offers for Research and Development (R&D) activities in biotechnology associated with the human health area.

The following feasibility elements can be highlighted:

Qualification and technical expertise in scientific projects: monoclonal, chimeric, humanized antibody.

Qualification and expertise

Highly qualified human resources of scientists and technicians key to the implementation of R&D activities, such resources not fully used by the innovation system in the country.

Technical partnerships with the main laboratory and scientific centers for medical and technological research.

Excellence in research

Excellence centers for scientific and technological research that enable a partnerships strategy for R&D activities, through scientific and technological collaboration of the ReceptaBio researchers with scientists from these centers.

Partnerships with Instituto Brasileiro de Controle do Câncer – IBCC, Hospital A.C. Camargo, Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, among others.

Reference medical centers

Highly qualified and experienced hospital and medical reference centers for conducting clinical tests.

We have access to oncologic patients and tumor banks to conduct clinical trials.

Clinical tests and assays

Access to patients for conducting clinical tests and to tumor banks for conducting in vitro assays.

Quality in the biological drugs development processes.

Cost X Benefit

Costs significantly lower than in developed countries, keeping the quality required for the processes.

Commitment with ethical-regulatory environments related to research and development of Antibodies and Peptides.

Ethical-regulatory environment

Ethical instances and clinical research legislation defined since 1996 (CEP-CONEP-ANVISA) and in constant improvement process.